Park Lane Décor are manufacturers of high quality cornices from polymer materials. We offer a large variety of profiles from simple geometric lines to ornate pressed cornices. Cornices are an often unoticed d´cor finishing item, but by selecting the right cornicing can add visual impact and elegance to any interior.

Popular appliations of cornicing include built-in cupboard trims for bedrooms and especially in kitchens. Polymers are lightweight, paintable and waterproof making Park Lane cornicing the perfect choice in scullerys and kitches.

Polyurethane Cornices

Polyurethane cornices. Our high quality cornices are moulded from simulated wood polymer and are a replica of the original gypsum plaster. Extremely strong, lightweight and paintable.

Polystyrene Cornices

High quality Extruded Polystyrene Cornice. Perfect for DIY, just glue up and go!

Pressed Cornices

Park Lane Décor Pressed Cornices are identical reproduction of the original mild steel except that is manufactured from Polymer Material. Use with our clip-in rails for easy installation. They are is durable, lightweight, waterproof and paintable.