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The story of our beautiful Pressed Ceilings started in an old warehouse in Nugget Street, downtown Johannesburg. The building, once possibly a grand old dame inhabited by a mining house, had, through the passing of time become my father’s showroom for his business dealing in automotive accessories.  The second floor, however, held a secret that would change the course of my father’s life. A perfectly preserved original steel Pressed Ceiling was hidden above the jam-packed racks of components. It comprised of Classic Panels surrounded with an ornate border. The panels were removed and inspected and it was not long after, that it was declared to his close friends that my father was going to “bring the glory of these Pressed Ceilings back into fashion”. Which is exactly what he did.

The original ceiling panels made from mild steel, had not only rusted at the coast, which had led to their removal as a ceiling option, but required considerable skill, thick leather gloves, a pair of tin snips and a thousand domed head nails to install.

Today we reproduce these magnificent panels in new generation lightweight materials to the exact same specification as the originals. They are historically accurate and we have made it our mission to retain the every detail, every blemish exactly as they would have appeared over one hundred years ago.

But we didn’t stop there. As our reputation as restorers and reproducers of these beautiful moulded products spread, we were called in to other heritage sites and then hotels, casino’s, restaurants and private residences to reproduce bespoke ceiling panels, wall paneling as well as other interior and exterior mouldings that had been damaged by age, water or fire. So our range grew but we have continually kept abreast of the latest technology and materials to manufacture the widest selection of Pressed Ceilings, Cornices, Skirting boards and beautiful mouldings in South Africa.

Today we offer these to you on our online store wherever you are located. We still pride ourselves on our excellent service, and traditional values of quality and personal attention to you, our customer. In some ways very little has changed in 20 years.

In some ways, though, it has.  My father used to say that we put the jewelry on the house. Now it’s your turn.

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